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Alice Borðlampi

Fallegur lítill borðlampi frá breska hönnunarfyrirtækinu Gingko Design. 

Alice lampinn er lítill en ótrúlega fallegur og notalegur lampi sem gerir hvert rými kósý. Hann með 7 birtu og litastillingar. Maður ýtir létt á toppinn á honum til þess að kveikja á honum og svo aftur til að breyta um lit. Einstaklega snyrtilegur og einstakur lampi frá Gingko.

Litur: Walnut viður

Stærð: 12.5 cm H and 10 cm B / Þyngd: 248 gr.

Nánar um Alice borðlampann:

Resembling Alice in Wonderland’s magic mushroom, this portable lamp is designed to give your home a whimsical feel. The simple copper touch button feature allows you to experience the unique vibe of 7 rotating RGB lights and promises to transport you to an imaginative space where creativity and adventure know no limits. You can also tap the mushroom head to confirm your preferred colour rather than having it alternate in 7 hues. The Alice Mushroom Lamp is powered by energy-efficient LED bulbs and in-built rechargeable battery for the Mini size or 5V USB C mains powered for the large size, ensuring your electric bill won’t skyrocket.

Thanks to its compact size of the mini Alice (12.5 cm height and 10 cm width), you can place it on your bedside table, work desk, or a floating shelf for a truly unique look. Wherever you keep it, the Alice Mushroom Lamp will turn heads as it spreads its magic to every corner of the room. Offering up to 18  hours of battery life, this lamp is the best work/study/sleep companion. You can recharge it through the USB-C port in the back in no time to ensure your illumination partner is always on standby! This new design created by Gingko is another example of elegance, sophistication, and excellence. The bottom of the lamp is lined with a mat to avoid damage and scratches to your surface.

It’s time to say goodbye to boring, dull lighting and breathe new life into your space with the Alice Mushroom Lamp!