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Heatless Hair Flexi Curler 6 stk.

Hitalaust krullusett frá Kitsch.

6 stk. mjúkar satín hárstangir úr 100% vegan satíni. Fer mun betur með hárið en krullujárn. 

How to use:

1. Take a section of slightly damp hair from the top of your head.  
2. Place the rod at the ends & tuck them as you begin rolling downward toward your head. 
3. Keep rolling until the rod is tight against your scalp, then bend ends to snap & secure in place.  
4. Continue with the next roller, then link it through the first roller before you snap it together to help them stay secure. 
5. Repeat the process until all rollers are in place; wear overnight or until hair fully dries. 
6. Remove, then finger tousle & rock your heatless curls or waves!