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Ilmolíulampi Smart

Frábær ilmoliulampi frá breska hönnunarfyrirtækinu Gingko Design.

Léttur og fallegur lampi úr náttúrulegum við. 3 birtustillingar. Hann rólega hitnar og fyllir rýmið hljóðlega af þínum uppáhaldsilmi og á sama tíma gefur frá sér fallega birtu. 

Nánar um ilmolíulampann:The Smart Diffuser Lamp isn’t just any ordinary diffuser lamp. With a copper plate seamlessly integrated on top of the lamp, it gently heats up to silently and slowly diffuse your chosen essential oil, filling the room with your favourite scent alongside an ambient warm light to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. The handy copper touch sensor built into the wood lets you easily control the lamp’s 3 levels of brightness with the option to switch on the oil diffuser at the same time. It’s made of 100% natural sustainable wood coupled with a high quality frosted acrylic glass that’s comfortable to touch. An in-built rechargeable battery makes it the perfect portable accessory for any room setting.

The Smart Diffuser Lamp from Gingko Design can certainly help you to relax while it radiates its beautiful light as well as your chosen scent. It also reflects our design ethos of making everyday objects better and smarter.

Litur: Hvíttuð eik.


65×65×90mm / Þyngd: 290 gr.