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Sauvignon Blanc Sápa

Sauvignon Blanc sápa frá hollenska fyrirtækinu Vinoos.

Ilmur: Sítróna, verbena lauf, hunang.

Skemmtileg gjöf fyrir vínáhugamanninn.

100% vegan / 100 gr. 

Nánar um sápuna: One whiff of this Sauvignon soap brings to mind walking barefoot, with a glass of white wine, in the freshly cut grass on a summer sunny day. The tangy and invigorating scent of lemon and verbena leaves arouse the senses and improve cognitive function. Top notes are green and citrusy, with a base note of mountain honey, containing healing properties Overall, this refreshing Sauvignon is just a great bar of soap to pick up first thing in the morning. A favourite of both men and women.